Big Ups, Lil’ Downs

by | Nov 3, 2017 | We Bought a Bus

Well, we gone and done it and now we’re in it. It’s been a couple months since we lasted posted, and I’d like to say our cool bus is completely transformed into something new and incredible, but essentially, she still looks like a school bus. That being said, we do feel like we’ve come a long way. Todd’s been working on our yellow beast almost every day he’s had off, and considering how busy we both are with work, his coffee business, my freelance stuff, weddings, and general life-ness, we’re pretty happy with where we’re at.

Check it.

First, we had all the seats.

Then we had 1 row of seats.

Todd wielded his mighty grinder and cut through the bolts that held down the seats. The bus rewarded him for his efforts with a sweet, old floor heater. Toasty.


Then it was just us and the floor and like a million bits of leftover bolts that were stuck deep in said floor.


And that's the story of the seats being ripped out.


Ok, so ripping up the seats wasn’t really that epic, but it did feel epic afterwards to start envisioning what we could do with the empty space. Of course, we were way ahead of ourselves. We weren’t even done with boring floor stuff yet. Toddy had to put down the pretty pink floor insulation and the mahogany underlay. Yes you heard me– a rich, mahogany underlay! Todd assures me this is pretty standard as far as “underlays” go, but I’m going to brag about it anyway. Our underlay is better than yours.

The Pink Floor Insulation

Todd glued the insulation to the existing floor and then used nails with plastic washers to hold it down. The pink insulation kind of made me want to go full Barbie-mobile on this biatch. Alas, I’ll have to save that for the next school bus we buy.

The Rich, Mahogany Underlay

Todd glued the mahogany to the floor insulation and then fastened it down with small nails. I begged him not to scuff the mahogany but then he told me NO ONE WILL EVEN SEE THE MAHOGANY BECAUSE IT WILL BE COVERED WITH VINYL LAMINATE AFTER. I’m so confused.

Next Up… Framing.

todd framing

Wooh! Framing, am I right? Nothing gets me more cranked up on a Friday night like the thought of framing something. But I didn’t want to steal all the fun from Todd, so I let him do it.

Our friend Dan was nice enough to give us some wood for free that we could use to frame the walls and ceiling. Kudos, Dan! You get free bus-rides any time day or night excluding whenever we don’t want to do it. Cheers bud.

It really didn’t seem that long until the walls and ceiling were all framed up. Once that happened it started feeling kinda real.

And now you’re all caught up.

So, anyway, that’s pretty much where we’re at. We’ve encountered a lot of good things about the bus so far, and have made a decent amount of headway. Bonus: we’re fairly hopeful on reaching our goal of having it ready to go for the spring.

So those were the ups.

Today, we encountered the first of what I assume will be many downs. After a bit of a rainfall, we noticed this:

That’s right. Water on my beautiful mahogany underlay. NOT. GOOD. Water=mold. Mold=everything is moldy and dead inside. The thing is, it wasn’t coming from the ceiling (good?). It was coming from the walls. Like some shitty horror movie, the evil was coming in from the sides, like a sneaky water devil. Something must be done, and be done quick, because there is nothing but rain and crapass weather in the upcoming forecast. Luckily, sawdust to the rescue in the meantime to sop up some of the moisture, a la my old guinea-pig pen.

So, we’ve hit the first snag of many snags along the way. But you know what? So far, we’re not phased by it. Like the cat on that adorable motivational poster, we’re just gonna keep hangin’ in there.

Come what may.


hang in there poster

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