We Bought a Bus

by | Sep 5, 2017 | We Bought a Bus

We bought a bus. Four words I never dreamed I’d be saying, let alone be so excited about saying. But I suppose as “Toddy P”‘s wife, I should have somewhat seen this coming. My husband is not a man of few hobbies.

Todd the Helicopter Pilot

Todd decided at one point that the secret to happiness was inside a helicopter cockpit. So, he started working towards his license. Why? Because choppers are cool. I can’t say I disagree.

Todd the Outdoorsman

If you start talking to him about hunting, be prepared to clear your schedule because he will never stop. This picture was taken while on a casual squirrel hunt (the hunt for casual squirrels).

Todd the Traveller

I think he has a travel story for every occasion. Yes he’s one of those people. But the difference is his stories are actually extremely entertaining. The above image is from our honeymoon trip to Iceland, one of the few places where you can get tired of seeing YET ANOTHER THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WATERFALL. For realzies though, go to Iceland if you’ve never been. It’s insane.

Todd the Woodworker

We have a lot of cutting boards.

Like I said, he’s not a man of few hobbies. When he likes something, he REALLY likes something, and won’t stop until he’s tried it. It’s really entertaining actually. Which is why I thought I better start a blog about this whole bus thing.

The Bus

When Todd gets an idea into his head, he gets obsessed with it. So when he started bringing up pictures of short bus conversions on his phone every night, I should have known right away that we’d be getting a bus soon.

Sidenote: If you’re looking for some really cool bus conversions instragram feeds, check out navigationnowhere, weboughtabus, and fernthebus.

Once he started bringing it up daily, I knew that this was another one of those things that wasn’t going away. And I had to admit, the idea sounded amazing to me. The pictures of what people can do to these regular school busses–it’s incredible. Well, next thing I knew, Todd was on the phone with a company that sells local school busses. A few days later, I got the bus pic texted to me. That was our baby.

Anyway, some FAQs we’ve been getting so far:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the hell did you get a bus?

This is the obvious first question. Besides Todd’s need for endless side-projects, we are both adventure and travel-seekers. We’re always looking ahead to our next trip, whether it’s as close as the cottage or as far away as China. The bus is a means to that end. It’s an investment in adventure. Plus, we can make it look really really cool.

You stupid or somethin?

Stupid is as stupid does ma’am. And yes, sometimes we do stupid things with our money. This could very well end badly, with us stranded in the rain on the side of some damned road in the Mexican desert waiting for a ride to the nearest bus mechanic. We realize that. But with great responsibility comes great sacrifice, or something like that, and yes, we are ok with taking a risk on a bus.

What will it look like?

I think that’s my favourite thing about the bus. I have no idea how it’s going to look in the end. I just know that it’s ripe with possibilities. There’s so much it could be or not be. We can put as little or as much money into as we want. That being said, here’s some pics we’ve been inspired by below:

Penny loves Fern!

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So, we bought a bus. Now what? Well, first, we have to make sure it works. Tonight, for instance, we found out that when you turn the bus off, sometimes it likes to blare the horn and flash the lights incessantly, with seemingly no way to stop it. That was a fun lesson.

The next fun lesson will be trying to insure the bus. That will certainly be a task, as we learn more about how insurance companies don’t like busses.

Most importantly, we have to GET TO WORK. Todd’s already sprayed the dirt off and ripped out all the seats, so we’ve made some decent headway so far!

Keep an eye on this blog and our social media feeds (follow us on instagram and on facebook) for updates on how it’s coming along!



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