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Kintore Coffee Co. is a small grassroots company that specializes in roasting coffee from all over the globe. We’ve had the fortune to travel to some of the best coffee farms in the world, and were inspired to introduce those same rich, bold flavours to local communities – and now online!

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The Backcountry Roast is a Costa Rican medium-light roast that’s flavourful enough for you die-hard coffee lovers, but light enough for every day casual drinking. With each sip you’ll get heavy chocolate undertones mixed with a floral accent.

The moon is up, and you’re craving a coffee, but you don’t want to be up ’til the break of dawn. Enter The Mighty Decaf! A dark-roasted decaf with a mighty taste, stronger than any decaf you’ve ever tried before.
You’re sitting on the dock with nothing but a lake, a sleeping dog, and the sun creeping over the treeline. Check out the Rustic Blend for a light, crisp sip.

Our Dark Roast is our most popular option and that’s because it’s just plain delicious. It’s a blend of Central and South American beans roasted to the perfect darkness with a memorable kick.

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