Backcountry Roast – 340g

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Chocolate undertones and a hint of a floral accent makes this light roast from Costa Rica a coffee lovers backcountry dream. 340g.

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4 reviews for Backcountry Roast – 340g

  1. Abhi D

    Discovered this coffee at Loblaws as a featured product. Wife and I have been in love with it ever since! Basically only buy this coffee now. Smooth and delicious. Reminds us of the amazing coffee we had on our trips to Central America..

  2. Jen

    So good, smooth and creamy without that bitter aftertaste. We love it

  3. Carrie

    Great tasting coffee without the bitterness. Incredibly smooth on the palette…my go to coffee!

  4. Lorena Martini

    Zehrs has items from Ontario in a large display. I have tried other coffee’s that are light as I drink a few a day. Most of the other light coffee do not have that deep flavour. Your coffee is amazing. This is my new coffee. Great idea to go into grocery stores.

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